Are religious campuses excluded from ban of single-use plastic?

Are religious campuses excluded from ban of single-use plastic?

Indian government has become very active with respect to ban of single-use plastic in various parts of country.

Scrapshala Varanasi has participated in multiple events in last few months that are designed to bring sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic in our country.

Recent visit to Shree Khatu Shyam baba temple in Sikar, Rajasthan felt that something major is missing with respect to plastic ban in implementation and communication at all major religious and temple campuses in India!

Sharing here few pictures of the main temple campus from last Sunday.

The roads are full of non-biodegradable garbage, there are no dustbins, no communication regarding plastic ban and shops are proudly selling religious items and souvenirs made of single-use and low quality plastic.

There are no options of any sustainable alternatives even for visitors who do not want to buy plastic items.

Why are we not encouraging temple campuses to have stores/options for sustainable alternatives to religious items?

Temples are most visited places in India, not only can we develop mind-set/habit change but also educate a big percentage of people about need to protect environment,

Moreover, there is no reason of polluting the environment for worshipping God!

Scrapshala Varanasi would be keen to work in temple campuses in India to start an initiative to make worshiping God a eco-friendly event

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