Why safar range by scrapshala is upcycled from old tyres?

Why safar range by scrapshala is upcycled from old tyres?

Old tyres is something which has become a regular domestic waste in every household.

Most people we have interacted with either end up discarding it on roads, leaving it at the repair shop or selling it to kabadiwalas.

Around 50% of old tyres eventually end up in landfills. And from there the problem begins!!

These old tyres occupy a huge space in landfill and release heavy metals and chemicals into soil that can pose a great risk to ground water as well.

At ScrapShala we are trying to slow down the process of tyres reaching landfills by converting them into innovative, stylish and functional products.

As a creative solution, Scrapshala has launched SAFAR range of lifestyle and wearable accessories upcycled from old tyres and tubes.

The SAFAR sunglass case and Safar Baskets are few of such products. Rugged and sturdy outer look and highly cushioned insides ensure that your expensive sunglasses always stay safe.

Hand cut and weaved in a traditional handloom, the SAFAR range also revives the traditional handicraft skill of Indian artisans in a sustainable manner.

We are looking forward to support for millennial, corporates and CSR wings to accept and push such unique products in market.

Because honestly, nature is the biggest asset we all have!

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