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CONTACT US: 9307762334

About Us

Our Approach

 To provide synergy between art, creativity and urban waste into green utility based lifestyle products while creating livelihood for less priviledged artisans.

Our story !

Scrapshala was born seeing the potential in the concept of creating value out of trash and the presence of an untapped market of scrap in a country like India, where the waste management sector is highly unorganised and where upcycling could bring pragmatic solutions.

Why scrapshala ?

At scrapshala we vision to manage your waste in the most innovative way.

Cafe in Varanasi ,entirely done by sustainable ecofriendly products from Scrapshala.

Our Products

 We are  known for our customised, affordable, handcrafted and sustainable artistic products created out of scraps. 


Scrapshala DIY

Explore the creativity in you to convert your trash into something valuable while cutting your carbon footprint at the same time.


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