Did You Know

Conventionally, we think of scrap as useless items that must be discarded immediately.

In reality, scrap is a very valuable material that can create new valuable resources with minimum use of energy and exploitation of earth.

The problem is not scrap, but over-consumption of products that leads to over-generation of scrap, which when discarded mindlessly can lead to health hazards and environmental degradation.

The fast-fashion and factory made products have changed the consumer behavior such that we buy a lot for momentary gratification and convenience before these items are thrown away.

Once discarded, instead of decomposing, most categories of non-biodegrable scrap takes years to decompose while releasing toxic gases and elements into our environment.

At Scrapshala, we are upcyling more than 10 categories of scrap into premium quality products of décor, lifestyle and gifting.

Let’s get to know what different scrap material can do to nature when left dumped in landfills.