May 11, 2017

This Woman Left Her Job At IIT Madras To Reduce Garbage Burden And Make Varanasi Swachh

It is a matter of choice. Some may see the trash or waste lying around them and complain about the filth all around them. Some may be indifferent and continue adding to the pile of garbage all around them. But then there are those who want to make a difference and be agents of change. 28 years old Shikha Shah belongs to the latter group of people...

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Nov 02, 2017

Varanasi girl Shikha Shah creates pretty things from scrap

It may have been a shock to her small-town soul, but the scale of challenges she faced in Delhi also got Shah thinking. She was especially intrigued by the connection between people and the environment. She says, “I wasn’t sure how to go about making a change, so I worked for a few years in the CSR wing of the Reliance Foundation and got the opportunity to travel all over India and interact with a lot...

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May 11, 2017

#IWD2022: 10 Women Changing The Future Of ImpactThis Upcycling Workshop Can Help You Convert Your Trash Into Striking Home Decor Items In Asia

Many of us care for the environment and are looking for ways to eliminate or reduce the waste we generate. Only a few among us decide to go a step further and act upon this desire. Upcycling, recycling and waste management are some of the buzzwords...

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May 04, 2017

Shikha Shah from Varanasi is beautifying garbage to decorate her city

With many across the country striving for sustainability and combating wastage, yet another brilliantly creative use of garbage has been found by Varanasi’s Shikha Shah. She has founded a startup, Scrapshala, in an effort to clear garbage and waste from the city and transform it into something completely new. Her unique company draws inspiration...

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Jan 27, 2022

This Brand Makes Earth-Friendly, Old School Toys For Kids, But With A Twist

ScrapShala is a Varanasi-based online start-up that up-cycles everything from discarded wood, liquor bottles and scrap fabric to flat tyres and even cassette holders. The best part? They can even transform your old saris and distressed furniture into something beautiful (if you ship it over to them).Started in 2016 by Shikha Shah, ScrapShala’s main aim is to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle...

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Sep 30, 2016

Meet The SHEROES - Shikha Shah

The 27 year old Varanasi girl Shikha Shah started Scrapshala to solve the problem of waste generation. A solution which would reduce the pressure on landfills and water-bodies, and develop a public cloud-based database for waste generation for Varanasi, bringing behavioral change at consumer level with respect to mindless trashing by promoting innovation. Shikha tells us here about her venture which has an all women leadership:

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May 30, 2018

Startups That Are Redefining The Meaning Of 'Waste Management'

Recycling is the tool through which not just humanity can prosper but also establish a safer future for the coming generation, but making it a success is more than a herculean task. According to the report of The Times of India, "India alone generates more than 1,00,000 metric tonnes of solid waste every day, which is higher than many countries’ total daily waste generation taken together...

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May 12, 2017

Inspired By PM Modi, This Girl Quit Her High Paying Job To Make Varanasi 'Swachh' Again

The trash in the city ranged from an array of things that were left behind by locals and those who came to witness its beauty. But the recent initiative by PM Modi is trying to put in special efforts to showcase this ancient centre to the world as one of the cleanest, connected and conserved place on earth. Inspired by the same wave, alumni of IIT Madras, Shikha Shah started Scrapshala, a startup that transforms...

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JAN 23, 2021

Scrapshala- Upcycling Your Waste Into Beautiful Handicrafts

“The Scrapshala started in January 2016. I believe household and personal level initiatives are essential to managing waste. We can’t wait for the government or public sector official to solve all problems. So, we have to do this task ourselves, and that’s where I have seen that up cycling is a household phenomenon. Everyone can practise it. If we reuse or up-cycle, then it’ll leave a significant impact...

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