Why Upcycled Products Must Become Part Of Your Home Decor

Upcycled repurposed handpainted army trunks by scrapshala

By Aastha Aggarwal

"Home is where the heart is" this timeless adage speaks volumes about the sentimental connection we share with our living spaces. Our homes are not just a set of four walls and a roof; they represent who we are as individuals, our stories, traditions and values. In this fast-paced world, where consumption often outpaces conscience, there's an increasing need to adapt and to embrace sustainable living practices.

What if I told you that you could revive your home and benefit the environment both at the same time? Welcome to the world of upcycled products, where innovation and creativity meets preservation, and every piece narrates its own unique story.

India is inundated with a colossal 62 million tonnes of waste annually. However, only 70% of the above mentioned quantity is collected, while only 12 million tonnes are treated completely. The grim statistics says that 31 million tonnes of waste find their destination in the landfills, deteriorating the ecological situation and complicating waste management. Alarmingly, the generation of municipal solid waste is projected to soar to a daunting 165 million tonnes by 2030, fueled by fast consumption patterns and rapid economic growth.

Nevertheless amid these alarming figures there’s a glimmer of hope. A recent study by Nielsen in 2018, revealed that 73% of global consumers express a willingness to change their consumption habits to mitigate their environmental impact. These findings reiterate a growing global awareness and a collective commitment to fostering sustainability on a global scale.

So, do you feel even remotely inspired to elevate your home decor with a touch of eco-chic charm? Well then prepare yourself because here are a few compelling reasons why upcycled home decor should be at the top of your shopping list:

Unique and Uncommon
Upcycled products are nothing like the mass-produced ones. Each piece carries its own unique story, whether it's an old trunk or repurposed tyres. This uniqueness adds character and charm to your home decor, setting it apart from the ordinary and regular items you see every day.

Emotional Connection and Storytelling
From audio tapes of older days to your great grandmother’s wooden cabinet, these upcycled decor items come with a rich history and narrative. When you bring these items into your house, they allow you to reminisce about or even share a narrative of times gone by, creating a stronger emotional connection between yourself and your living area as well as others who may visit you.

In spite of prevalent thinking, sustainable living doesn't need to cost you your arm and leg. Upcycled products are often more affordable than their brand-new counterparts, making them easily available and accessible to a wide range of consumers. By opting for upcycled decor, you can beautify your home without emptying your pockets.

Supporting Local Artisans
Behind every upcycled handcrafted masterpiece lies the skilled hands of a local artisan. In India, the craftsmanship and handicraft sector form an integral part of our cultural identity, providing employment to millions of skilled individuals. By choosing upcycled products, you're not just decorating your home, you're also supporting the livelihoods of these artisans and preserving our rich heritage.

Environmental Impact
Upcycling isn't just about creating aesthetically pleasing decor; it's about making a meaningful difference in the world around us. By giving new life to discarded materials, upcycled products help reduce waste and minimize the strain on natural resources.

Social Responsibility
In a world plagued by environmental challenges, every small action counts. Corporations are increasingly focusing on environmental sustainability as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. By embracing upcycled products, you're not just decorating your home; you're joining a global movement towards a greener, cleaner future.

Now, let's take your home decor to the next level with these innovative offerings from Scrapshala, adding a touch of timeless uniqueness while making a positive impact on our planet.

Upcycled Bottles
Traditional plastic bottles contribute to environmental pollution and take hundreds of years to decompose. In India alone, approximately 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated daily.
The Lotus Pichwai Bottle from Scrapshala offers a sustainable alternative, handcrafted from recycled glass and painted by local artisans in Varanasi. This beautiful bottle not only adds aesthetic charm to your space but also diverts one glass bottle every time from going to landfills

Upcycled Mats and Runners
Conventional mats made from synthetic materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride) release harmful toxins into the environment during production and disposal. PVC is non-biodegradable and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

Scrapshala's Salvage Range introduces a 100% natural, minimalist mat crafted from reclaimed pine and teak wood. This eco-friendly alternative is lightweight, foldable, stain-proof and scratch-proof, offering both functionality and sustainability for your home decor needs.

Upcycled Pen Holders & Cutlery Stands
Commercial pen holders and cutlery stands are often made from plastic and vinyl, contributing to plastic pollution and resource depletion.
Scrapshala's Geet Range presents an innovative solution, upcycling e-waste such as audio tapes, keyboards into stylish and functional organizers. By choosing these upcycled products, you're diverting electronic waste from landfills and supporting the livelihoods of local artisans in Varanasi.

Upcycled Key Holders
Market is flooded with key holders made from cheap and non-biodegradable material such as plastic, epoxy, engineered wood etc
Scrapshala's Geet Key Holders are reimagined from old audio cassettes into unique and aesthetic key holders. By opting for these upcycled key holders, you help class plastic audio tapes from getting discarded and add a touch of artistic flair to your home decor.

Upcycled Planters
Plants love natural potting environment as much as we love natural plants. Why should plants be given plastic homes when we know how harmful plastic is?
Scrapshala's Salvage Range introduces eco-friendly alternatives, such as the Glass Bottle Planter crafted from reclaimed pine wood and repurposed glass bottles. This sustainable planter not only adds greenery to your space but also promotes waste reduction and supports local craftsmanship.

Upcycled Baskets
Conventional baskets are typically made from either plastic ropes or natural materials like bamboo or rattan, which may lack sustainability if not sourced responsibly.
The Safar Upcycled Basket by Scrapshala offers a unique and eco-conscious solution, handcrafted from old tyre tubes and upcycled plastic textile. These versatile baskets are not only visually striking but also promote recycling and empower local artisans.

Upcycled Wall Decor
Commercially available and fast selling wall decor options may lack sustainability and cultural authenticity, contributing to environmental degradation and cultural homogenization.
Scrapshala's wall plates offer a conscious alternative, intricately designed to evoke a warm and authentic Indian vibe. Handcrafted on reclaimed mango wood base and adorned with beautiful artwork, these pieces add a touch of tradition and elegance to any space while supporting local artisans and sustainable practices.

In conclusion, adopting upcycled home decor demonstrates a conscious commitment to both environmental stewardship and the empowerment of local artisans, going beyond mere aesthetic enhancement.

By opting for upcycled treasures, you're not just adorning your living space but also championing sustainability and community resilience. It's a harmonious fusion of style and substance, where every piece carries a narrative of material preservation, creativity, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness.

So, why not join the movement towards a greener, cleaner future by integrating these stylishly sustainable choices into your home decor? Together, let's make a better tomorrow by making thoughtful choices one at a time!


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